Environmental Control Technology / HVACR

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Excellent pay and a sweet future

The Environmental Controls Technologies/HVACR program at Upper Valley Career Center is a cool place to be. No...Wait. It’s a sizzling hot place to go for a solid future – with great pay!

The Upper Valley Career Center Environmental Controls Technologies/HVACR program offers both theory and application, which includes a solidfoundation in the principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, combined with extensive laboratory experience.

A technical career with strong job growth at home...
... and nationwide – 24% increase annually

The main focus of the program is residential and light commercial heating,ventilating and air conditioning, along with food-preservation refrigeration. With extensive hands-on experience using the latest technologies, you will be
building a job resume that will capture the attention of future employers. Positions are available in our area and across the U.S. You’ll be needed to install new systems or analyze failures on current ones. Or maybe you’ll work for a wholesaler at the sales counter. Opportunities are out there. So is success.

Contact Upper Valley HVACR Instructor Scott Naill, or Tony Trapp, Assistant Instructor, at 937-778-1980, ext. 411. Read more...

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